Out of all the photographers I’ve met, there has only been one who is bi-lingual. Now, I’m sure there are more here in #Austin BUT they are a rarity. Katia Forero is not only bi-lingual, but has the spunk, sweetness, and talent to capture your wedding perfectly. She moved here from Pittsburgh and photographed in some of the most challenging wedding venues in that city – dark lit venues can be extremely hard to capture if you don’t know how to shoot in low-lit areas. What was once a challenge is now a piece of cake for Katia; she can capture your event in any type of lighting and do it with a smile on her face. A talented and up-and-coming Austin photographer that will most likely become a friend after meeting her. Check out some of Katia Forero’s work below – just beautiful.

Written by Marie Vargas

Marie Vargas