DIY is simply “Do It Yourself.”

“Do It Yourself” is very popular nowadays for special events. If you have a lot of support and help from family and friends then why not ask them to help you create your dream wedding right? Floral décor for a special event can be very expensive dependent on many things from quality and quantity. If you haven’t heard of DIY yet, then here is your chance to think about Doing It Yourself when it comes to floral décor.

How does it sound to save on the expense of floral arrangements by just doing it yourself? It may sound a little difficult if you have this perfect look you really want to get and not sure how to do it on your own, but what if you could get help from a professional at a low cost.

Moore Design Styles professionals can help you with their unique wedding workshops. Yes there are workshops you can take to help create your ideal floral decorations. For $20 an hour plus any additional cost of the flowers you can receive there services at Moore Designs Styles. Not only are you getting certified members under (AIFD) American Institute of Floral Designers, but they are professional, kind, elite, and experienced.

Moore Design Styles has been in business for 2 years, but has a total of 25 years experience with all of their professional florists. With their workshops you get a professional to assist you and it works out great especially if you really need to keep cost down for those gorgeous reception flower arrangements. You can have the big look you want for not such a big cost. If you are thinking this sounds like a great idea, but you have no experience at all then that’s ok because these workshops help break it down to help get your look.

These professionals help oversee that you are getting good quality flowers and if you don’t, then they will replace them for you within 24 hours. If this means them ordering quality flowers straight from the farms and California, then that is what they can do! Moore Design Styles wants to give you exactly what you are looking for and can show you how to construct it the way you have in mind for the right cost you are hoping for. Good luck to all of our DIY brides we are rooting for you!


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Written by Marina Chairez