We all LOVE saving money and winning things, right? Right. Gypc Girl Photography is running a contest that’ll not only save you money but you’ll score some amazing pictures that will last a lifetime…and that’s just not something you can put a price on.

In 3 super easy steps, you could win a 1-hour photoshoot & 15 edited images… FOR FREE! All you have to do is “Like” her Facebook page, “Share” the post, and “Comment” on her FB post – bata bing, bata boom.

This particular package from Gypc Girl Photography is worth $100 so even if you don’t win, grab your piggy bank that you’ve been putting change in for years, cash it out and you’ll most likely have your $100. Last time I cashed my halfway full piggy bank out at the coin star machine, I got $76 bucks back! Those piggies are so deceiving…but in the best way.

The contest ends on October 25, 2016, so enter fast and cross your fingers – good luck! 😀



Written by Marie Vargas

Marie Vargas