If you’ve dreamed all your life of having a beautiful wedding and reception in a lovely setting, complete with all the amenities, don’t be discouraged from pursuing that dream because you have a limited budget. Working within a budget may present some challenges which will result in your being more sensible, more creative, and in the end, more satisfied with the results of your careful planning.

First of all, consider having your wedding on a Sunday, Friday, or any day of the week other than Saturday. Even on a Saturday, consider a brunch or luncheon wedding reception rather than hosting a dinner. More savings may be realized by having your wedding in the months of November through April; less busy months for most wedding related services.

The best way to reduce your overall costs on your reception is to reduce the number of guests who are invited. Consider eliminating the “pivotal people” (those individuals or couples that when invited, require you to invite several others, just to be “fair”).

Consider not including children as most facilities charge per guest, regardless of their age. If you cut back 20% of your guest list, you save on invitations, cake, and room size, as well as on food.

Save money on other services by having a smaller wedding party. Fewer attendants will require less time from the photographer, fewer flowers, less limo space, etc. Ask each wedding supplier about specific money saving packages which may be based on reduced time spent or services supplied. Tell each supplier your budget for their specific service, and ask them what amount of service they can provide to suit the funds you have available.

Be creative; remembering that it’s often the little things that are unique to your wedding that most impress your guests. You may be surprised to find that an elegant, intimate wedding will suit your style as well as your budget.

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