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Are you interested in becoming an exhibitor at an upcoming Bridal Extravaganza? Call our offices at 210.599.0336 or complete our online form to have an account representative call you with more information. [Request information here]

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Available Booths

Booths are selling out quickly! View available booths below and contact your account representative or our office at 210-599-0336 to reserve your booth.

Detailed exhibitor information

If you are an exhibitor at the June 10, 2018 Bridal Extravaganza, please read all the information below. Click on anyone of the bullet points to learn more about each topic. You will find all the rules, regulations and guidelines for every part of the Bridal Extravaganza here. Take advantage of all the promotional opportunities to get the best results possible from the Bridal Extravaganza. If you need more answers join us at one of our Exhibitor Meeting sessions to get your answers.


Order Additional Items

If you need to purchase any additional items (i.e. carpet, electricity, tables, etc.) for your booth you may do so below.
Exhibitor Deadlines is December 6, 2017
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Promotional Opportunities

If you are signed up for a booth at the January 6-7, 2017 Bridal Extravaganza, please review the following information to learn about exhibitor rules and requirements as well as promotional opportunities at the show:

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Bridal Extravaganza Exhibitor Badges

Let everyone know you are exhibiting at the Bridal Extravaganza. Add on of the Bridal Extravaganza Exhibitor badges to your website today.
Email us today at SpecialEvents@TexasWeddings.com to learn how to get your exhibitor badge on your website. 

Bridal Bucks Benefits

Want to know how our Bridal Bucks program can benefit you as an exhibitor? View our video below to find out how.

Cash for Contracts Benefits

Want to book more brides at the Bridal Extravaganza? Remind them about Cash for Contracts. View our video below to learn more.

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