1. Take a few minutes to chat with your fiancé about whether or not you want to do one wedding cake or a wedding cake and a groom’s cake (Pinterest, bakery galleries and Instagram are a great place to start). This way you’ll be prepared with some design ideas for both and get a much more accurate idea of how much your dream cakes would cost.
  2. When you receive your estimate, give the bakery feedback on if the order works within your budget. There are lots of ways to serve and design cake to fit within a couple’s vision, and we love to get creative!
  3. Your tasting should be fun and informative! There’s no pressure to figure out the exact order in the consultation, so relax, eat some delicious cake and enjoy!


  1. Come prepared for your consultation.  Bring photos of cakes that you like, color swatches, and even photos of your centerpiece ideas.  This will help your baker get an idea of your overall wedding so she can help guide you as we create your wedding cake design.
  2. Be open to changes.  Some photos or ideas may not work in reality with your wedding for one reason or another.  Many cake photos are made with non-edible ingredients and while they are staged beautifully in a styled shoot with lots of perfect lighting and photo editing, the cake may look different in real life.  If your baker suggests a change trust their experience.
  3. Consider the weather.  If you are choosing to place your cake outside remember there are many factors to consider – warm weather, wind, rain, humidity, and bugs to name a few.  Make sure you have an inside option if the weather is not conducive for an outside cake.


  1. Really step back and take a look at what y’all really want in a wedding cake. Is the flavor unique and something that you love? Or would you prefer choosing a flavor that would please all of your guests? What is going to make you happier?
  2. Do you want your cake to be seasonal? Seasonal in design, floral/ decor, and flavor? Sometimes bakeries may offer more fun seasonal flavors that your guests would enjoy to really help immerse them in the experience of your wedding day.
  3. Be ready when you come in for your cake tasting. Do your research! There are so many blogs, sites, and magazines out there, explore all of the trends, ideas, and incorporate your unique style into the cake. It’s okay to come in and have a mixture of ideas in your head, and that’s where your designer can help form a cohesive idea that is uniquely you!


  1. If you are getting married in April, May, October or November,  book your cake sooner rather than later. Although people often think of summer as wedding season, here in Austin spring and fall are the peak times since that is when we have the best weather. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is also very popular.
  2. Your cake should be a reflection of the rest of your wedding theme and personal style. Feel free to bring your invitations, color swatches, pictures, or anything else that can help serve as inspiration for your cake design with you to your consultation. But don’t be afraid to go the non-traditional route if that is who you are! Some of our favorite wedding cakes we’ve made have incorporated Legos, superheroes, dragons and horror movies.
  3. On a budget? Buttercream icing and decor is generally more affordable than fondant and fresh flowers are usually more cost effective than sugar flowers. If you are really watching your costs, consider a smaller tiered cake for cutting plus a plain sheet cake to serve from the kitchen.

Written by Marina Chairez