The whole saying yes to the dress process may not be what you have in mind, but we’re here to help you with that reality. Though, we may wish it would meet the expectations to what we see on TV, but things are different for every bridal shop. We want to help make sure you know exactly what to expect and help with tips on how to go about finding your dream dress.

  1. Research styles and designers
    • Get familiar with the lingo of dress styles and which style’s you feel would best suit your body type. Also, familiarize yourself with which designers you find yourself always going back to.
  2. Stay open-minded
    • Many times we have found that Brides fall in love with a dress that was unexpected, so don’t be afraid to try on everything.
  3. Call ahead
    • Be sure to make an appointment, so that you get your own special booked time with a consultant.
  4. Choose your entourage wisely
    • Too many people can mean too many opinions, which may sway your thoughts on the dress.
  5. Take a similar shoe or heel you plan on wearing on your wedding day
    • It’s good to get the feel of how you will look and feel from head-to-toe.
  6. Take the correct undergarments (Some bridal shops will have undergarments prepared to lend you)
    • Be prepared knowing not all bridal shops will have the proper undergarments for you to borrow and we say it’s better to be safe then sorry. This way when you try on different styled dresses you can see how it’ll look on your wedding day and you won’t be distracted by bra straps sticking out or colored panties.
  7. Have photos prepared
    • It’s good to have a few photos of dresses you picture yourself in to show your bridal consultant.
  8. Try not to book more than 3 appointments in a day
    • Most appointments are about an hour and a half, so try not to book too many appointments in one day. Sometimes too many appointments means too many dresses tried on, which can confuse and tire you out.
  9. Know that there are hundreds of different “whites”
    • You may think your only choices are a white, champagne, ivory, or blush, but there are actually hundreds of different “whites.” Once you begin dress shopping you may think the dress looks one color when in reality it’s a different color, but don’t let that change your opinion of the dress.
  10. Make sure time is on your side
    • Keep in mind when looking for your dress that you ask what the time length is for the dress to come in once it’s ordered because some dresses take 6 months to arrive.
  11. If possible try and purchase your dress around Thanksgiving-Christmas
    • Black Friday and Christmas deals do happen at bridal shops, too. If you can wait for the holidays to purchase a dress, then why not try and strike a great deal on your dream dress.
  12. Set your budget
    • Make sure both you, your entourage, and your bridal consultant all know your dress budget.
  13. There’s no perfect number of dresses to try on
    • Some Brides are lucky enough to try on their perfect dress on the first try and some take months of trying on dresses until they’ve found theirs, but there is no perfect number of dresses to try. Once you’ve found the one, you’ll just know.
  14. Before you buy take at least a night to think about it
    • It’s good to not rush into the process of saying yes to the dress. If you’ve fallen in love with one don’t feel pressed to say yes on the spot. Take a night or more to really be sure it’s the one.
  15. It’s ok not to cry when saying yes to the dress
    • Not every Bride will cry when they’ve found the dress and that is OK.
  16. Don’t ignore the bridal consultant’s suggestions
    • The bridal consultants are there to help you look and feel your very best, so keep their suggestions in mind and just have fun with it.
  17. Document your favorites
    • If you have tried on several dresses and have several favorites; it’s good to document them and even make a collage to see what the differences and similarities are to help narrow it down.
  18. Private one-on-one with your dress
    • If you love a dress be sure to get your own one-on-one time to soak it all in.
  19. Not every bridal shop will have champagne for you once you’ve said yes to the dress
    • We see it on TV and hope that it happens in real life, which at some bridal shops it does, but be prepared that not all bridal shops do this.
  20. Not every shop will have the exact color and/or size for you
    • Be prepared in knowing that you more than likely won’t be able to try on your exact dress color and size because most bridal shops have everyone try on all their sample dresses.
  21. Also when you have found your dream wedding dress, stop looking
    • Once you know you’ve found the one try not to continue looking around because this can slowly get you thinking you want something else.

We hope this helps you and wish you the best of luck on this exciting adventure to saying yes to your dress.


Written by Marina Chairez