Lemon Leaf Florist

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About Us

The Lemon Leaf Team has become focused on weddings and events while continuing to create individual arrangements for delivery in the greater Austin area. We look forward to opening a retail space in the near future.

Through the Lemon Leaf online shop - we offer a beautiful selection of flowers, our signature flower boxes and candle collection as well as offering some potted plants, mainly succulents.

We take on a variety of projects and clients. Whether the vision is over-the-top, traditional, glamorous, modern, edgy or tropical, we will gladly work with the client to transform any space into something amazing for an unforgettable event.

Lemon Leaf provides floral designs for large and small occasions alike; for intimate settings such as baby showers and birthday dinners as well as larger events including weddings and galas with 900+ attendees.

As Lemon Leaf Florist grows, we ultimately want to break into the destination wedding industry. We are eager and able to create florals for weddings from CA to NY to international destinations.

Let's work together to create a beautiful and memorable event. Visit our website and social media pages to learn more.